On September 1-5, 2013

On September 1-5, 2013, was carried out in the Middle East Technical University of Turkey, Ankara, to the 9th Cretaceous international Shinpoujiumu, Ando Professor participated, IGCP608 that started in March 2013 (Geological Sciences International Research plan), “Cretaceous of Asia – Western Pacific region ecosystems and environmental change (abbreviation: Cretaceous Asia – Western Pacific ecosystem),” the introduction of the announced verbally.

In addition, the China-Japan meeting also participated in the deep-sea marine sediments of geologic Excursion of Cretaceous Haymana Basin (Ankara southeast 50km around), Jurassic – overlap to melange phase of the Early Cretaceous (adduct), forearc basin I toured the limestone phase. Especially Rudists fossil dense layer was valuable outcrop that can not be seen in Japan.


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